Vital Harmony Pendant
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Vital Harmony® Pendant-Protect Your Loved Ones!

The Vital Harmony® Pendant  is composed of a mineral jade core wrapped in conducting alloy wire. If you use a computer, go shopping, or just ride in a car the Vital Harmony Pendant is for you. It is highly efficient at absorbing ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It transforms harmful UVC into UVA  (good ultraviolet) which supports and vitalizes the body. Wearing the Pendant in the center of the chest helps protect the body from damaging UVC (bad ultraviolet) and helps eliminate free radicals.


  • Protects against UVC (bad ultraviolet)
  • Reduces free radicals 
  • Increases energy, vitality and flexibility
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Reduces lactic acid 
  • Promotes clearer and broader thinking

The Vital Harmony Pendant is the only pendant on the market supported by a double blind, sham controlled study:

We are continuing with our research and will  give you updated information.


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