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The Home Sludge Buster can cleanse the ionizing potential from an entire small house. However, if your home is larger, or is located near power lines or heavy car traffic, additional units can be beneficial. Consider locating one in any of these locations:

  • Close to your office and office equipment
  • Close to your bed
  • Close to your circuit breaker where electrical power first enters the house.
  • In the Family Room or any room that has high occupancy.

If you will be using more than one SludgeBuster, consider one at ground level near where power enters the house and the other at the opposite end of the house on the top floor. This is because the extensive wiring in a large home can act as an antenna, collecting ionizing potential from a polluted environment. 

This product is backed by our 30-Day Unconditional Return Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor.

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