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The Nessor is a device that awakens traumatized cells in the body, bringing them into a plasticity state so they can reduce the reactivity of the person. Clients who have experienced the Nessor enjoy a more peaceful relaxed daily life.  This is a wonderful tool for anyone who has ever experienced trauma, stress, physical or emotional angst.

This unit utilizes stochastic resonance operating in the delta frequency range. Many have been searching their entire lives for relief from an ongoing feeling of being on edge, agitated or irritated. After using the Nessor they most often report, "I feel peace, a deep profound peace." Comes with grounding plug and receptacle tester.

This product is backed by our 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor.

This product is subject to a $200.00 restocking fee if returned with in 30 days from date of purchase.

"l am so pleased to be living life in this new wonderful and peaceful way!"

"I recommend this process for everyone!"

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